AquaTrol low salt

Hayward’s new Low Salt AquaTrol offers the same luxurious soft water and hassle-free sanitizing that salt chlorine users have come to expect, but it now uses lower concentrations of salt. Lower salt level in the pool is more environmentally friendly, decreases concerns about equipment corrosion, and reduces the amount of salt to purchase.

Characteristics :

  • Quick and easy installation in new or existing pools, or use as a replacement for an original AquaTrol.
  • The water is soft, silky and sparkling
  • Eliminates the problems of dry skin, irritated eyes and bleached hair related to factory created chlorine.
  • Less salt in the water will eliminate concerns about corrosion
  • Safe for all above-ground pool surfaces
  • Generates chlorine for above ground pools up to 68,137 liters (18,000 gallons)
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