Our range of eVac robot cleaners offers a new contemporary design. The eVac and eVac Pro robot cleaners by Hayward are manufactured using the highest quality components and proven technology that create consistent reliable results while maximizing energy efficiency. Whether you are cleaning the bottom or edges using the eVac, or covering the bottom, sides, edges and waterline using eVac Pro, the rugged, low profile design of the top-access cleaners and filters give them extra power.


An effective cleaning program

  • Uses smart steering technology that provides an efficient cleaning path, scrubbing the bottom and edges of the pool in about 2 hours.
  • For full pool coverage, including walls and waterline, try eVac Pro.

Easy access to remove debris

  • A top-access filter allows for quick debris removal and easy cleaning.
  • 2 fine porosity filter elements: simply remove and rinse with a garden hose; no need to turn the cleaner over to empty it.

Easy to use

  • Does not require any hoses or fittings, nor additional pumps; just let it clean.
  • Works separately from the pool filtration system, reducing filter backwashing and water usage.

Sensors (eVac Pro only)

  • Water outlet sensor protects motor by preventing cleaners from running outside of the water
  • The range sensor engages reverse gear when the device comes out of the water.

NOTE: For 2016, all orders for eVac / eVac Pro cleaner models will receive this new cleaner style; functionality remains unchanged.

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