Single Cartridge SwimClear

For new and existing pools, SwimClear ™ single element filter cartridges capture more dirt for superior water clarity without the need for additional media or backwashing, while pressure drop the lowest in the industry reduces energy costs. SwimClear ™ is also the easiest to maintain: the Easy-Lok ™ ring design, comfort handles and lowest lift height make cleaning and replacing parts easy.

  • Industry-leading hydraulic efficiency allows the pump to run at lower speeds, or for less time, increasing energy savings
  • Easy-Lok ™ ring design allows quick access to internal components for quick and easy maintenance
  • Recessed pressure gauge and manual venting allows the user to place the load assembly upside down on the equipment space, protecting the seal from contamination
  • 5cm x 3.8cm union fittings make installation and maintenance quick and easy
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